New: Improved Skills Leagues for Grades 2+!


To ensure players get the best possible developmental experience, for Autumn 2020 we have extended our 'CluFootball Skills League' programmes to include all classes for players from Grades 2+.

Skills League sessions are 80-110 mins long (so longer than Skills Course sessions) and are suitable for all experience levels. The first half of the session focuses on technical skills development and involves lots of ball-each activities which aim to maximise ball contact-time and allow players to become more comfortable and competent with the football.

The second half of the session each week features an extended period of competitions; starting off with small-sided games where each player will have constant involvements in attacking and defensive actions so lots of opportunities to shoot, dribble, pass, tackle and the platform to make decisions. Sessions finish with a friendly-match competition where players learn about cooperation, teamwork, simple tactics and experience different matchplay situations and positions on the pitch.

Players get used to working with team-mates and basic formations, and become well-prepared for the new 'ClubFootball Match Days'. These are the 2 weeks of each course designated as ‘Match Days’ where teams play friendly matches against teams from other ClubFootball venues. These matches are great fun and a fantastic opportunity for players to put their skills into practice in a matchplay environment.

Provisional dates for these are Saturday courses: Oct 24 & Nov 21, and Sunday Courses: Oct 18 and Nov 15.

We believe that this new format will hep players develop more quickly, and be great fun!

To add a friendly competitive element, boost team spirit and keep each week exciting for the players, individual points will be awarded to those who excel, try hard and show a great attitude, and team points will also be on offer for good cooperation and teamwork as well as playing great football.

For a schedule of ClubFootball Skills Leagues, please see below:


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