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ClubFootball Skills League Introduction

ClubFootball Skills League


The ClubFootball Skills League is Level 2 of ClubFootball's 3-level Development Programme and are open to boys and girls who already have the basic skills and are ready to progress to a more match-oriented type of training programme.


The league is great fun and offers the players an ideal environment to continue their technical development, and to play competitive football in a positive environment. Separate leagues are available for boys and girls.

The league season runs for 10-12 weeks and is split into two mini-seasons of 4-6 weeks. Each week, students attend for 90-110 mins depending on their age, with the session split into a first half of technical training, and a second half of league matches.An optional (but recommended) midweek training session on Wednesdays at Chaoyang Park is also available for students looking to gain an extra competitive edge! 


Technical training focuses on the skills and techniques required for matchplay, and students put these into practice in the matchplay session each week. League teams are small to ensure maximum time on the ball for each player, and students play in all positions to develop positional awareness and a full understanding of the game.

Teams are organized by coaches (with friends playing together as much as possible, of course!), and students stay in the same teams for the length of the mini-season. After 5-6 weeks, coaches will reorganize teams to ensure matches remain balanced and everyone has a positive and healthy footballing experience. 


To arrange a tryout to join the ClubFootball Skills League, please contact us asap! 


ClubFootball Skills Leagues currently run at Chaoyang Park, Olympic Forest Park, ISB and BCIS, Please click on our course schedules icon on the right and select the venue for Skills League schedules.

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